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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Did Divorces Really Spike During Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic started nearly one year ago and at that time, predictions were being made that it would cause a spike in divorce cases. People were being told to shelter in place at home and many were losing their jobs. Many experts believed that these factors would place an enormous amount of pressure on marriages, and that many would dissolve as a result. However, a new study shows that is not true and in fact, the number of divorce cases in Florida and throughout other parts of the country have actually dropped.

The Study

A recent study conducted by Bowling Green State University’s Center for Family and Demographic Research shows that unlike what many predicted, divorces during the pandemic have actually decreased, as have weddings. The largest state analyzed in the study was Florida. Data showed that here in the Sunshine State, divorces dropped by 28 percent during the months of March and September. Marriages, on the other hand, also saw a decline of 33 percent during the same time period.

If the trends in Florida and other states studied, including New Hampshire, Arizona, Oregon, and Missouri, were seen throughout the country, it could mean divorces nationwide dropped by 191,053 cases. The news is surprising given what many experts had predicted, but there are several reasons for the decline.

Reasons for the Dropping Divorce Rate

The drop in divorce cases during the pandemic does not necessarily mean that couples have been happier during the public health crisis. Instead, it may mean the pandemic has forced people to stay in an unhappy marriage for practical purposes.

Divorce is sometimes an expensive process, and one that many do not want to go through during this extremely challenging time. Job loss has been rampant in Florida and throughout the entire country and without an income, the prospect of paying for a divorce is too difficult for many to face.

In addition to this, tens of millions of people have contracted the virus throughout the country, with Florida being a particular hotspot as of late. Some people that become sick are known as ‘long haulers,’ and they deal with the repercussions of the infection for a long time afterward. People are simply not going to start the divorce process when they are trying to recover from illness, which could also be a reason for the drop in divorce cases.

Lastly, uncertainty about the court system may also stop people from filing for divorce. At the beginning of the pandemic, many of the family courts throughout the country shuttered. While the Florida courts have reopened in some capacity, many people are not aware of this and so, they decide to hold off on filing.

Our Florida Family Lawyers Can Help During This Difficult Time

Divorce is never easy, but no one should feel forced to stay in an unhappy marriage, either. If you are considering divorce, our Tampa family lawyers at All Family Law Group, P.A. can assist with your case. We can advise on the options you have available and how the court system is operating so you are fully prepared for the process. Call us today at (813) 672-1900 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.



Thursday, June 4, 2020

What are Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement?

When a person is about to get married and hears the words ‘premarital agreement,’ it often strikes fear in their hearts. However, they should not. There are many benefits that come with premarital agreements, and these extend to both spouses. Below are just four of the main advantages that anyone about to get married will reap from a premarital agreement.

Open the Lines of Communication

A couple has to talk about a lot before they get married. Of course they have to establish that they both want the same things out of life, such as children and where they will live. Financial experts have also always advised that couples should discuss their finances before getting married. It is important that both partners in the relationship understand the assets and debts the other partner is bringing into the marriage so both people can understand what they are entering into. A premarital agreement can help open these lines of communication and allow the couple to enter the marriage honestly and secure about the plan they have created.

Save Time and Money

Divorces are often lengthy and expensive. This is because the couple or a judge must make final decisions on a number of different terms, such as the division of property. A premarital agreement can help speed the process along because the couple has already made plans for many of these terms and so, it really is just a matter of following the premarital agreement.

Protect Property

Of course, a premarital agreement outlines which property a spouse will keep in the event that the couple gets a divorce. This is the main point of a premarital agreement for many people. When an agreement is enforced during property division proceedings, it takes the control away from the judge and places it back in the couple’s hands. Without a premarital agreement, a judge will make the decision on property division and the couple will have very little say in the matter.

Reduce Conflict

Divorce is extremely difficult for many reasons. The first is the obvious emotional upheaval that a divorce causes for both spouses. The second is that some divorces do involve a long courtroom battle filled with conflict. This conflict is exhausting for both spouses and makes the divorce process even more challenging. A premarital agreement will eliminate that conflict because there is nothing to argue over. Each spouse has already agreed to the terms within the agreement and so, there is no conflict.

Getting Married? Call Our Florida Family Lawyers First

If you are about to get married, it is important that you draft a premarital agreement first. Although engaged couples often do not want to think about divorce prior to their wedding, our Tampa family law attorneys can show you there is much more to a premarital agreement than that. We can help you open the lines of communication so you and your partner can enter into an agreement that is fair for both parties. To learn more about premarital agreements, call us today at (813) 672-1900 to schedule your free consultation.  Hablamos español!




Did Divorces Really Spike During Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic started nearly one year ago and at that time, predictions were being made that it would cause a spike in divorce cases...