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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Divorce Does Not Have to be Difficult

Earlier this year, a “selfie” of a smiling Florida couple’s photo went viral after it was posted on Instagram. At first glance, the photo seems rather ordinary, though its popularity likely came from the caption, which explained that the couple’s divorce had just been finalized. You would generally not expect two people whose marriage was just dissolved to be posing together with excited looks on their faces. However, Keith Hinson–the former husband in the photo–explained that theirs was the “most friendly, respectful, and loving split imaginable.”
This photo demonstrated that divorce does not have to be a painful battle and that it is possible for two people to dissolve their marriage in relative peace. This kind of amicable split is rare, however, often because of the number of issues that need to be settled before a court will grant a divorce. Such issues commonly include debt and property division, alimony, child support, child time-sharing, parenting plans, and more. Too often, by the time one spouse files for divorce, there is substantial discord between the couple. This can cause bitter disagreements over many issues, which can lead to lengthy and acrimonious battles in court.
How an Attorney Can Help Keep the Peace
If you wish to have a peaceful and respectful divorce, the assistance of an experienced divorce lawyer is imperative. An attorney can help you explore numerous options that can assist you in solving problems and settling issues outside of a courtroom. These can include:
Often, such solutions can involve a team of professionals, including attorneys for each spouse, financial advisors, business advisors if applicable, psychologists, child specialists, and more. An experienced lawyer will have access to these and other resources that can assist in coming to a peaceful and swift resolution. If successful, such dispute resolution options can not only save you peace of mind but may also be significantly more efficient in both time and money.
Having a Tampa divorce attorney who understands your goals is extremely important. Too many lawyers head straight to the courtroom without considering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options. For this reason, you should always question a potential attorney about their philosophies and approaches to divorce and ADR. If you are capable of resolving your divorce issues in a civil and efficient manner, everyone–you, your former spouse, and your children–will surely benefit. Preserving a friendly relationship will also help you co-parent in the future.
Contact an Experienced Tampa Divorce Attorney Today
While divorce can be a difficult process, the assistance of an attorney can make it much easier. A family law attorney will understand the issues that you are going through and has an ethical duty to represent your best interests in all matters related to your divorce. The Tampa lawyers of All Family Law Group are dedicated to helping people with a variety of legal issues resolve them as favorably as possible while keeping legal costs low. Anyone seeking a divorce or need help with any other family law issue should  not hesitate to call All Family Law Group in Tampa Bay at 813-756-4857 for a consultation at no charge.
By Lynette Silon-Laguna Google+

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